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Please download/Print and fill in all forms OR type within the PDF forms and print. We need all the forms completed. Please fax (814) 235-0484 OR attach all forms and send by email tobusinessoffice@martinsuhey.comOR bring in the printed forms with you to your initial office visit.

Forms Name (Financial Policy form is print and sign/date, all other forms need to be filled in and sign). Keep scrolling down to go the next form to type within the forms.

Or show up 15 minutes early and fill out before appointment.
New Patients Print Forms

Choose well.

At Martin & Suhey Orthopedics, our beliefs guide our every interaction with our patients, and create a foundation for helping children and adults live full and active lives.

  • We believe in the critical importance of the doctor-patient relationship.
  • We believe in listening.
  • We believe in taking the time needed to fully understand an ailment and to anticipate the consequences of a treatment.
  • We believe that every case is unique and one-size-solutions don’t fit all.
  • We believe in doing everything possible to ensure a better quality of life for our patients.
  • We believe in the healing power of orthopedics and sports medicine.